Product Management

Ventera’s Product Management approach uses best practices from Lean Discovery and User Experience to ensure that our customers are focused on the right features so that our teams can deliver innovative solutions that align with the project goals.  Working closely with the customer, we create a roadmap that aligns the project’s vision and objectives with a high-level release plan.  Once features and epics have been identified and prioritized, we continuously groom and manage the product backlog to achieve the greatest business value. Our Product Management approach integrates naturally with our Lean Start Up and Agile services.

Ventera’s Product Management services include:

  • Master backlog creation
  • Roadmap
  • Continuous Product Management at all levels – Portfolio, program, and team

News & Insights

  • News

    Ventera was awarded the 3-year, $42M, Internet Quality Improvement and Evaluation System (iQIES) task order under the CMS Agile Delivery to Execute Legislative Endeavors for Quality Related Initiatives (ADELE-QRI) Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA). We look forward to working with CMS to design and develop an innovative, user-centered, and streamlined user-experience-based integrated Internet-facing iQIES system that replaces the existing suite of QIES legacy systems. iQIES will be developed using modern development technologies and methodologies including Agile, UCD, Cloud, Open Source, and DevOps.

  • Insight

    By Erika Yurisevic

    Have you experienced challenges when working with distributed teams? If so, you are not alone. Here are our tips for overcoming obstacles encountered when co-workers are not co-located.


Case Studies

  • FNS needed to modernize its Store Tracking and Redemption System (STARS).  The original STARS was a mainframe-based system that no longer supported FNS’s evolving business requirements. 

  • A large telecommunications customer was transitioning about 3,000 users to an Enterprise Project Management Solution, in which supporting business processes and decision support systems were heavily impacted and needed to be adjusted. There were complex operational and analytical questions for both Project and Executive teams.