Data Architecture

Ventera helps organizations define and develop data architecture that is composed of models, policies, rules, and standards that govern what data is collected and how it is stored, arranged, integrated, and put to use in data systems. During the planning phase of a new system design, we help our customers  identify the major types and sources of data that are necessary to support the enterprise or the business function.

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Case Studies

  • Ventera created comprehensive predictive models, which became the basis of reports used by leadership teams to look at future capital network projects and make decisions related to the company’s strategic direction to maintain a competitive advantage. 

  • Black and Veatch (B&V) is a major construction vendor for AT&T, providing construction services and oversight to over 45,000 annual projects.  These projects build out AT&T’s mobile coverage across the country via activities such as new site construction and technology upgrades to exi