College Recruiting


Ventera’s college recruiting program welcomes new graduates in the areas of software and data engineering, user-centered design, and business analysis.

Each year, Ventera works with top-notch colleges, universities and HBCU’s to seek the best and brightest graduates hitting the job market. Realizing your potential is a journey, at Ventera we provide a wide range of stimulating, developmental opportunities for recent graduates. Our recent graduate program offers a wide range of opportunities that lets you determine which direction to take your career. No matter which you choose, you'll have the opportunity to build your leadership skills and knowledge in an environment that celebrates performance

By immersing graduates into our projects upon hire, we combine hands-on experience with training to ensure individuals are well positioned for success. In addition, we provide graduates the rare opportunity to work directly with highly experienced industry professionals.This direct exposure presents graduates with unparalleled learning opportunities to become seasoned in a variety of areas from software development, AI and Machine Learning to User-Centered Design or Client Management.


Available positions for Class of 2021


Junior Consultant / Business Analyst

Junior Consultant / Engineer

Junior Consultant / UX Designer


We are hiring entry level, self-motivated Business Analyst Consultants, Engineers and UX Designers who are excited about working for a fast-growing software development and consulting firm. Individuals will use existing knowledge and prior academic/internship experience to contribute to various projects throughout the organization.Ventera serves nationwide commercial and government clients while supporting and encouraging personal and professional growth.