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Ventera is always searching for extraordinary recruits! We believe our employees are how we are able to continue delivering outstanding services and solutions to our customers – solutions that help our customers improve their business operations and get the most from their IT investments. At Ventera, we aim to give our employees the opportunity to work on projects that challenge them and help them increase and enhance their skills.


Attracting and Retaining Top Talent

Ventera was founded on the belief that taking care of employees translates into positive results for not only our employees, but also our customers and community.  Because of this, we offer a competitive benefits package, a rewarding work experience, and an environment that respects your need for a healthy work-life balance so that you can achieve your personal desires.

Walking through Ventera, you will find a highly engaged and collaborative workforce. Our people embrace the Ventera culture of helping others succeed. Our focus on individual and team growth and success results in highly experienced, motivated, and committed teams and individuals.

We strive to make Ventera a fun place to work, as well as a place where you will want to stay and build your professional career.  We place great emphasis on building our next generation of leaders, and align development programs around this each year. One such program unique to Ventera is our formal career coach program. Our career coaches provide guidance and direction on an individual’s goals and serve as the employee’s champion through our extensive semi-annual performance evaluation process.

We have a number of avenues in place to recognize and reward our employees, including a semi-annual bonus program and peer recognition award. The camaraderie and spirit amongst our team is like no other, and is reflected through our core values and operating principles. At Ventera, we value our people, we form a real partnership with our customers, and we deliver results.

Come join us!