Database Management

Ventera brings extensive experience in the areas of data collection and maintenance and database administration to help our customers create, implement, maintain, and administer large scale database management systems to support their enterprise business applications. Our  services include the development and design of database strategies, system monitoring and improving database performance and capacity, planning for future expansion requirements, and coordinating on and implementing security measures.

Case Studies

  • FNS needed to modernize its Store Tracking and Redemption System (STARS).  The original STARS was a mainframe-based system that no longer supported FNS’s evolving business requirements. 

  • By 2003, Sprint/Nextel had assembled and grown its network by acquiring frequencies in the 800 and 900 MHz bands side by side with other Commercial Mobile Radio Systems (CMRS), Business Radio and Industrial/Land Transportation Radio (B/ILT) systems and public safety entities.