Business Intelligence/Analytics

Ventera helps organizations implement enterprise level business intelligence and analytics solutions to transform raw data into meaningful and useful information that can enable decision-making and action. Our business intelligence solutions span various areas, including performance management dashboards and reporting, online analytical processing, data mining, and predictive analytics. We work with our clients to properly plan and deploy a BI system that:

  • Helps organizations define and redefine strategy based on analytical results (such as the review of goals vs. metrics actuals).
  • Develops a performance oriented culture throughout an organization
  • Defines accountability at each role and responsibility level
  • Drives an organization’s profitability in the commercial sector
  • Improves service to internal customers and helps reduce the cost of providing those services

News & Insights

  • News

    Ventera received a prime contract award for the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Agile Delivery for Executive Legislative Endeavors – Quality Related Initiatives (ADELE-QRI) Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA).

  • Insight

    By Sankar Subramanian

    What does it take for an organization to successfully take on Business Intelligence (BI)? In this white paper, we define BI, introduce BI maturity levels, and share the most critical factors for a successful BI implementation.


Case Studies

  • Ventera created comprehensive predictive models, which became the basis of reports used by leadership teams to look at future capital network projects and make decisions related to the company’s strategic direction to maintain a competitive advantage. 

  • DHS management and other stakeholders, such as Congress, regularly request specific program information pertaining to national security.